7th — 9th July 2022
Airport Trenčín 7th — 9th July 2022
Fulu Miziki
Friday 22:30 | Kofola stage

Fulu Miziki CD

We discovered the band Fulu Miziki from Kinshasa just a few days before Pohoda in the Air and immediately included them in the festival line-up. We quickly fell for their ability to find inspiration in a dump and transform it into a unique artistic statement. Following their great set, it was crystal clear to us that we want to see them also at the Trenčín airport as soon as possible. And so, Fulu Miziki are confirmed for Pohoda 2021.

Fulu Miziki means “music from the garbage” in the local Lingala language. The collective of these multidisciplinary artists creates instruments from waste and tirelessly discovers new possibilities of sound in them. They also make original masks and costumes from thrown away items. The Guardian said that during the recording of their debut in Uganda, the borders closed unexpectedly and the band stayed there much longer than planned. For the band, however, separation from loved ones was yet another opportunity, so they used songs and masks to drive away all possible coronavirus demons. Under the varied visual-performative execution of the concert and afro-futurist masks lays a strong pan-African message of peace and a reference to the bad ecological situation in their home country and around the world.