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Faktická poznámka SK

Faktická poznámka

Faktciká poznámka came into being in 2002 as an anarchopunky excuse for drinking in a garage. The band, however, gradually ended after a short time. Since there’s never enough suffering in the world, the two surviving members of the original band got an excellent idea to restore the original craziness in 2017. After a year and a half spent rehearsing in a new line-up (Narko, Mates), Faktická poznámka decided to go back to dirty pubs and they’ll present their "classic bungler punk" in our Garage in two months.

Denis Bango described the Trnava band as follows: “For years, and I repeat, years, Faktická poznámka were rehearsing their music in utmost secrecy. It was known that some new punkers were trying to make some music in the rehearsal room, but they didn't even want to let their girlfriends in. They were outdoing themselves and their almost zero musical experience until they were sure they could stand by what they would deliver on stage. It's classic bungler punk, resembling oi! punk. For me, they are the epitome of the good old punk in a sense "here’s a guitar, you’ve got three chords, start a band". For them, the music legacy is the most important thing. And if you want to shout it into the world, all you need are the three chords and the basic rhythm. They have all the ingredients a band needs to have – they mean it, they don't have a problem yelling it at your face, you can dance to it great and if someone doesn’t like, they can go fuck themselves :D”