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Egopusher CH

EUrópa stage Saturday 17:00 Show in program

Our Monica says the Swiss duo Egopusher is the best she has seen at the Paris' showcase festival MaMA. Their intellectual compositions have incredible amount of energy, are virtuous, but also playful and joyful. Violinist Tobias Preisig and drummer Alessandro Giannelli use synthesizers, loopers and other SFX boxes to disintegrate acoustic motifs and reinvent them again in energetic and original compositions. Egopusher will bring wailing violin alternated with strong melodic parts, supported by high-speed rhythmic patterns to Pohoda 2017.  

Egopusher transform musical elements from many genres into an expressive and emotional show. Preisig and Gianelli built their work on the musical opposites: in their fusion, snippy parts alternate with pleasantly evocative ones, poetic violin is followed by the strong earthy feature of percussion. The band's work breaks the clichés associated with their primary instruments. The two Zurich guys come from completely different worlds of music, but since their paths crossed, their songs have been providing space for a new land of music, pleasant and radical at the same time, the land characterised by obscurity, mystery, the unknown.

The very name of the band EGOPUSGHER reflects their philosophy: find the best in yourselves, extract it, and transform it. Let it shine and explode. After hundreds of concerts, they released their first EP on the 27th November. The six tracks exude a wild force and push the limits. Giannelli and Preisig have nothing to lose because they're not afraid of their own fault. This freedom allows them to create unusual sound experiments. Listeners of their music find themselves in the middle of rave, vulnerability, and softness as well. Their bio ends with this quote: “He who is not afraid of anything can catch the devil by the horns”. You can listen to them taming their wild musical ideas that result in an excellent and incredibly powerful music also at Pohoda 2017.