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Džumelec SK


Pohoda 2019 will host also Džumelec, a visual artist who devotes himself to jabbering and succulence in art. He is currently nominated for the Oskár Čepan Award as a young artist. Having four kids and being a songwriter, he documents their experiences, ideas, and games. You will learn, for example, what treasures children hide in their backpacks, whether a bear is going to miss “bear paws” (delicious cookies) at Christmas, or hear a story of how the grandma took care of pain. Džumelecʼs lyrics are full of authentic childrenʼs language that contains no embellishment, all that in the pursuit of sincere documentation of the world of kids and parents.

Džumelec records his songs at home in a garage furnished with foam rubber, and he does that in the evenings, after a bedtime story. The concerts of this one-piece musical project are complemented, besides the guitar, with electronic samples or loops (influenced by TuneYards, Mikachu and the Shapes, Dan Deacon, and Yellow Submarine by the Beatles).  All content is created live, the border between the stage and the audience disappears, children dance on the stage and try the microphone, and improvised songs emerge about what children wish for; the concerts are on the verge of spontaneous music workshops for children.