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Donny Benét AU

Donny Benét

During his premiere in Slovakia, he performed solo. During his fall tour, he was accompanied by his brother Dan playing saxophone and the next Pohoda will see him with his band as part of the European premiere of The Donny Benét Show Band. The discovery of Pohoda 2018, Donny Benét, ended his fourth tour on the old continent just yesterday and now returns home with a plan to work on his new album. During his shows, security guys, photographers, stage managers as well as bartenders were dancing. People put on glittery garments their parents used to wear and many items ended up on stage under Donny Benét’s feet. His Slovak fan club currently has more than 500 members. The majority attended one of his four amazing fall shows and the outcome is this cool after movie. Apart from the brilliant moments captured during his tour in Slovakia, you will also learn how a jazzman became the Donny Benét phenomenon.

Before the 22nd edition of our festival, just a few fans of the current lo-fi disco scene knew about this phenomenal showman and musician from Australia. After the event, Pohoda visitors created an official Slovak fan club and a separate praising review was dedicated to him (just like to The Chemical Brothers, for example) on According to the portal, this time machine performed a romantic return to the 80s and put on a show the audience will reminisce about with a smile on their faces for years to come. Donny Benét offers top-quality dance music with virtuosic bass guitar and keyboard parts, and incredible sense of sound colorfulness. It’s just a seeming Déjà vu, though. In fact, this music inventor produces a countless amount of original musical ideas. On top of that, no one uses the pitch wheel like him. Donny simply is an excellent musician and music teacher who travelled the world with jazz and, one day, gave a musical gift to his friend. The gift worked perfectly and charmed not only his friend: Donny became a disco king. We’re glad that Donny will make Pohoda 2019 visitors dance with his band.