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Dillon BR

EUrópa stage Saturday 21:30 Show in program

Young Brazilian-born singer based in Germany makes music characterized by dark-tinged melodic songs, muted electronica, piano and a distinctive voice and work with vocal. The BBC compares her to Lykke Li and Fever Ray; Berlinger Zeitung to Björk. After two successful albums and this year’s beautiful recording of her live performance at Haus der Berliner, she’s planning to release her third studio album and go on tour in 2017. One of the stops will be at Pohoda, where she’ll be performing with a Slovak female choir.

Her debut This Silence Kills was praised in Mixmag’s review. According to AllMusic, “the title track almost sounds like a collation of a variety of styles from across years and locations.” Mike Diver of the BBC says her music “speaks so very loudly without making much noise at all.” With 32 million views on YouTube and almost 10 million plays on Spotify, her track “Thirteen Thirty-Five” from this album was a huge success. In 2014, she released a follow-up album The Unknown, which forms a coherent story with the debut. This year’s Live at Haus der Berliner Festspiele recorded in September incorporates both albums. On this album, she collaborated with co-producer of her first two albums, Tamer Fahri Özgönenc, and a 16-member female choir. Dillon will present the same project at Pohoda. We will pick the choir in Slovakia and she will rehearse the program with them in Trenčín.