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Diego SK

MAZAGRANDE STAGE Friday 17:00 Show in program

The band Diego has been playing since 2004, with the first single “I Know Myself” and the eponymous debut Diego released shortly after they got together. Their second album, Peripheries, became the album of the year 2009 in the Radio_Head Awards poll. Apart from the many solo and festival performances, they were also the opening act for Editors and Zita Swoon. After eight years of waiting, the indie-rock band released their third album Et In Arcadia Diego that was preceded by excellent singles “A time for everything” and “What Now?” at the end of last year. They presented it at the great autumn tour and will continue to do so at summer festivals, stopping also at the Trenčín Airport.

After the last album was out, wrote it was immediately clear that the recording would be among the best things on the Slovak independent scene that year and the portal also praised the detailed work of the musicians. The frontman Ľuboš Kukliš said the album is slower and perhaps somehow a bit darker: “It's hard to find the specific reasons why, it just turned out this way. We played more with the overall atmosphere, but it is still us, although a few years later. The slower pace suddenly began to suit us. We probably do not need to get rid of energy, that much anymore, we tend to target it more precisely. The audience will tell whether we succeeded in doing so.” The band had the mastering done at three different companies and picked the best one, working on every single detail of the album. That is why it was not clear when it would be finished. “It is typical of us, but we think it is important to release only the stuff that we are completely satisfied with. So, it pays to wait and be patient,”added drummer Diego C (Ján “Čunďo” Čunderlík). Typical of us is that, apart from foreign stars, we strive to offer our visitors also good local music, which includes Diegoʼs new album (and indeed their entire work).