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Csángálló HU


The Hungarian band Csángálló, who will please fans of the Pannonian Basin world music, will make NAY tanečný dom dance as well. Their work combines folk music from Gyimes and Csángó regions with the Balkanian temperament. They reach an entirely new sound thanks to improvisation and the end result is a kind of psychedelic experience. Their performance is not just a virtuoso show, but there is also consciousness of the origin of their music.

The band has been a regular participant of the Music de l’Europe travelling festival since 2015. Csángálló collaborated with renowned artists such as Robert Kerenyi, Tcha Limberger, dance group Fitos Dezső and Félix Lajkó. They also played at the opening ceremony of O.Z.O.R.A. 2016. In the same year they released their debut album "Fel az úton", which was ranked among the top 10 world music albums of the music magazine Lángoló Gitárok. Last year they released their second album "Naplopók". It features the song "Eleven Taktus" which was included on the compilation by Béla Halmos Programme for WOMEX festival.