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Chiki liki tu-a SK

Urpiner stage Thursday 18:30 Show in program
Chiki liki tu-a

The founders of acrobatic rock'n'roll and the Festival of bad music, the musicians nominated three times for the Aurel award, the holders of Zlatý gunár (Golden Gander) as the Slovak band playing most often abroad... 

The band was formed in Prešov in 1995 by the Višňovský brothers, Marián Ivan, and Peter Šimo. They are known for their witty lyrics, great atmosphere of their concerts, and a strong mixing of genres. The band released the albums Nezatváraj Milan dvere (Do not close doors, Milan) (1998), Budeš musel vlasy na blond prefarbil (Will have to dye your hair blond), Kysak (2002), Choďte sa hrať pred vlastný vchod (Go to play in front of your entrance) (2003), and Dvojkilometrový jeleň (Two kilometres long Deer) (2005). In March 2014, the members of the band stated that the new album was “in the high stage of pregnancy”. Even if delayed by nearly a year, their fans finally lived to hear: the album Slzy tvý mámy, Šedivý a spol. Chiki Liki Tu-A will play a combination of ten projects and their greatest hits for the visitors of Pohoda Festival 2017.