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Čavalenky SK


Pohoda will feature also rapper Rudolf Danihel, aka Čavalenky, from the Czechia-Slovakia border region. This phenomenon makes you believe every words he says, not pretending anything: everything is based on real grounds. Add an original expression, great flow, and excellent background. The half-Roma artist uses the Záhorie dialect in his work, talking about rough street life, racism, gambling, drugs, indebtedness, and subsequent seizures.

His extraordinary authentic lyrics quickly won the recognition of well-known rappers and several Czech (A2, Rádio Wave) and Slovak media (.týždeň, Denník N, SME). His the most popular track, “Chlapci na ulici” (Boys on the Street), has more than 160,000 views on YouTube, and collaborations with well-known rappers and producers (such as the collaboration with Supa on “Ja viem” (I know)) have also helped him gain wider awareness. In an interview with daily Denník N, he says: “When it comes to rap lyrics, one should seek for a lesson, an example or a thought. In order, for example, to avoid the situations I describe in my songs.” A nice example of a strong message is the newer piece “Príbeh drog” (The Drug Story), in which he says that “empty pockets support bad habits”. The song was produced by DJ Hallabeat, who will perform with Čavalenky (along with Vandal and Junior Monďa) at Pohoda 2019.