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Čad SK

MAZAGRANDE STAGE Saturday 17:00 Show in program

Čad is coming back to Pohoda. Thrash, grind or crust bands are a success in multi-genre categories in Scandinavia or Finland only. The trio Čad from Svätý Jur, which is one of the most successful artists in the history of Radio Head_Awards, breaks this stereotype. As band’s front man, linguist and religion journalist, Pišta Vandal, breaks another set of stereotypes, too. Toward the end of last summer, the band released a new album Bastard which, according to portal, is “full of high-tonnage darkness as well as catchy punk-rock revolt. Technical skills and refined taste helped the well-coordinated family bring the most interesting album of the year on the local hard&heavy scene.” At the beginning of this summer, they will introduce it at Pohoda 2018. More of local hard&heavy load for Pohoda 2018 will be announced tonight in Headbanger_FM program.

Čad have been on the scene for almost a quarter-century and since 2006, they have a family lineup – siblings Pišta Vandal and Baška are playing “axes” and Baška married a “drum club” of make Valér Tornád. In an interview for from 2012, Pišta Vandal said the following about the band: “We are all teetotalers and, since 1994, the only way for us to let off steam is via music. It’s a very good way to relax. I go to the studio, connect the guitar and turn it up. That’s when I disappear completely the same way as when I dive into the sea and, at that moment, there is no me. There is a sound and I’m part of it.” Portal describes their latest piece Bastard as follows: “Bastard is Čad’s best recording since Súkromná vojna. It’s a perfect compilation of all the talents that define this band and, at the same time, put it on the imaginary throne of Slovak extreme scene.”