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Byetone DE

POHODA KLUB Friday 00:00 Show in program

At the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Goethe Institute in Slovakia, we are preparing Goethe Nacht: a special treat within our festival club line-up dedicated to experimental electronica. The program will feature top names from German alternative scene. The first confirmed artist is a cult figure of Berlin IDM scene and co-founder of label Raster-Noton, Olaf Bender, performing under the stage name Byetone. We are in for top-class experimental minimal techno and impressive visual show.

Olaf Bender started experimenting with 16mm film as the medium “film” as well as the raw material “film” during school time. Thanks to his love for film, in 1988, he became a member of the East German band AG Geige and got into musical aspects. Together with Frank Bretschneider and Carsten Nicolai, he founded the record label Raster-Noton in mid-1990s. Since then, he has also produced music solo under the pseudonym Byetone, but it was not until 2008 that he released his debut Death of a Typographer. Three years later, he released a critically-acclaimed follow-up album Symeta, which made it to several record-of-the-year lists. The Quietus describes it as follows: “If Death Of A Typographerwas sleek and minimalist, then Symeta is souped-up with flaming carburetors and the stink of oily piston sweat.” The portal names track “Black Peace” “one of the most viscerally enjoyable tracks of 2011.” Besides being part of Raster-Noton supergroup Signal, Olaf is also part of duo Diamond Version together with Carsten. He will present his third studio album Universal Music together with his previous work to the audience at the 22nd Pohoda in less than 100 days.