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Bukahara DE


One band, four musicians, and three continents. The top musicians of the band Bukahara mix gypsy jazz, swing, and reggae with Balkan and Arab influences. In the digital era of today, they produce exclusively analogue music that most closely resembles the work of bands such as Beirut or Mumford and Sons. Bukahara, the new sensation of the German scene, will perform at Pohoda 2018.

Singer and guitarist Soufian, violinist Avi, and percussionist Ahmed met while they were studying jazz music at the Cologne Academy of Music. A year later they were joined by Max, who plays wind instruments. The concept of the band is the cancellation of musical boundaries, expressing their different roots and cultural identities. Avi, for example, is a Swiss with Jewish roots, and Ahmed comes from the Palestinian Ramallah. They are not a peace project though, as they say, they just make music together. They also remove the imaginary boundaries between people in their lyrics. They easily balance on the edge of contagious playfulness and serious musical devotion. The portal Quantara wrote in the conclusion of their article named Global Buskers: “And a Bukahara concert? That means, quite simply, an evening of pure pleasure.” You can enjoy one like that also at Pohoda 2018.