9th — 12th July 2020
9th — 12th July 2020
Blikajúci Dychový Hudobný Systém
Saturday 22:30 | Kofola stage

Blikajúci Dychový Hudobný Systém SK

Pohoda in the Air will feature a performance with lights and the airport runway delivered by Bass Drum Horn System (BDHS). The band plays dance music on wind instruments, claims that they want to save rave and techno through their work, and further writes about themselves: “We still really like our original, entirely acoustic intention, but at the same time we try to change ourselves musically to the opposite position of processed sound. One thing that has always been clear to us: dance music goes hand in hand with a light show! If we manage it as we play, everything flashes as much as possible. From the original one bike flasher to what we have today, our light show, that we still consider the best one we've ever seen.”

  • BDHS means what currently works best:
  • Bass Drum Horn System,
  • B_ eethoven, H_andel, D_ebussy, S_ibelius ...)

BDHS is looking forward to you (Lukáš, Tomáš, Maťo, Miro, Jaro, Tomáš, Rišo and Lukáš)