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Billy Barman a dievčatá zo SĽUK-u SK

ORANGE STAGE Thursday 20:00 Show in program
Billy Barman a dievčatá zo SĽUK-u

The band led by Juraj Podmanický, organizer of the allied festival Grape, are planning to launch their new album at Pohoda. Juraj, as a former member of the folklore ensemble Dovinka, invited girls from SĽUK to collab with the band and the untraditional combination works just great. The sold-out shows and positive feedback speak for themselves: “I can’t imagine Pohoda without Billy Barman. If you want good food at the fest, having Barmans play is a must. Otherwise, I quit,” says the head of band’s fan club in Pohoda team, catering-queen, Ľubica Ščambová. The food will be delicious, because Billy Barman decorated with SĽUK will, of course, be playing Pohoda. Enjoy your meal.

Billy Barman released their rock ’n’ roll debut Noční jazdci in 2010. Three years later, album Modrý jazyk came out, which could be described as indie-rock with electronic music and folklore elements. Observing the periodicity, they released album Dýchajúce obrazy (2016), for which the band received a Radio_Head Award in the category of the Album of the Year. They slowed down, became more serious, but these changes didn’t put their younger fanbase off. Currently, Barmans are one of the most fav local bands; the recording of their Pohoda 2015 concert is one of the most popular videos on our YouTube channel. The project with girls from SĽUK kicked off last summer, when they played together at the Tatra Flowers fest. Tour Potichu (Quietly) featured a bigger live band, including an amazing cimbalom player Marcel Comendant (Pacora Trio, Jana Kirschner) and the second drummer Marián Slávka. In June, they hit the road with a tour named Pekné miesta (Nice Places) and one of the stops was the Trenčín Castle. At the beginning of July, they will be playing under the castle, too: for visitors at the 22nd edition of Pohoda.