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Billy Barman SK

Orange stage Friday 19:00 Show in program
Billy Barman

Billy Barman released their rock 'n' roll debut, Noční jazdci, in 2010. Three years later, their follow-up album, Modrý jazyk, came out and could be characterized as indie-rock with electronic and folk elements. Observing the periodicity that was set up, they released the latest album Dýchajúce obrazy (2016), for which they received Radio_Head Award in the category of Album of the Year. They have slowed down, become more serious, but these changes haven’t put their youngest fan base off. Barmans, who are getting better and better, are going to play Pohoda 2017.

Billy Barman are one of the most popular local bands right now. The fact that the video from their concert at Pohoda 2015 is one of the most viewed on our YouTube channel speaks for itself. Their balladic lyrics are a place where poetics of night clubs and motifs from rural areas meet. Billy Barman are literally a festival band: not just because of their live gigs, but also when they are not playing as Juraj is a co-organizer of the befriended Grape Festival. In autumn, they released an amazing album Dýchajúce obrazy, which Oliver Rehák describes as follows: “As expected, Billy Barman won the Album of the Year category. A Band with front men Juraj Podmanický and Jozef Vrábel, who are now in their 30s, and are moving towards an interesting direction. Content, sound as well as arrangement-wise. Album Dýchajúce obrazy offers mature, well worked-out studio songs carrying the themes of freedom and city life; fitter for listening rather than dancing. And they didn’t lose fans, since they voted for them the most.” In March, they were on Veľký čínsky tour around Slovakia and Czechia with Katarzia. The same lineup is coming to this year’s Pohoda.