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Bez Ladu A Skladu SK

Budiš stage Saturday 20:45,Café Kušnierik Friday 17:15 Show in program
Bez Ladu A Skladu

Didn’t make the Royal Pohoda in 1997? No worries. With a unique concept, year 2017 is bringing two festivals in one. Apart from the new edition, one of the days at one of the stages, will be dedicated to the whole first year’s lineup, which will show how the festival has evolved in the 20 years of its existence… :) A fun fact: almost all the bands are still active; the only bands that don’t usually play are those of the two festival founders. At Pohoda 97 and at Pohoda 2017 will play: Russian phantasmagoric Auktyon, Czech alternative fixtures Garage, Laura a její tygři and MCH Band, ska dance party Polemic, fathers of the Trenčín alternative and long-term festival supporters Chór vážskych muzikantov, hardcore project Flow of Pohoda’s co-founder Mário Michna and Bez ladu a skladu.

Bez ladu a skladu were founded in 1985, and soon after their first performance, the leaders of the then Trenčín alternative scene CHVM took them to a concert in Bratislava. There was the “good fairy of the Czech alternative music” Lenka Zogatová with the band E who offered an invitation to the Pragueʼs Rockfest 86; since then, the band played mostly for Czech alternative clubs and festivals. Important concerts before 1989, however, were also those at the Slovak festival Čertovo oko (Devilʼs eye) in 1987 and 1988, a sort of precursor to the multimedia festival, which began to emerge in the nineties. Before 1989, the band had a number of problems with the official regime; after the Velvet Revolution, they started to release CDs and play in Czechoslovakia as well as in Western Europe. Three albums followed and in 1997, the year when the festival Pohoda started, the band broke up. Two years back, they kicked off a series of gigs at the occasion of band’s 30th anniversary at Pohoda 2015. At Pohoda 2017, Bez ladu a skladu are going to play within project Pohoda 97 just like the rest of acts that played the first Pohoda 20 year ago.