Airport Trenčín 6 — 8 July 2023
Balming Tiger
Saturday 18:10 | NAY tanečný dom

Balming Tiger KR

Balming Tiger – a music collective from Soul offering a more alternative or underground approach to K-pop. The band reflects and popularizes culture of the younger East-Asian generation of today’s society and has quickly caught the attention of outlets such as DIY, NME and Stereogum. 

The collective consists of performers Omega Sapien, Sogumm, Wnjn, and Mudd the Student, producers San Yawn and Unsinkable, video directors Jan' qui and Leesuho, DJ Abyss, and writer Henson. Through a variety of artistic approaches, each member of this ensemble expresses a different artistic identity and energy which, together, result in a wide range of versatility that can be found in their songs. By the way, Tiger Balm is a famous Asian ointment for muscles that feels refreshing and almost addictive – a similar effect the band Balming Tiger aims to have on people.