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Bad Karma Boy SK

Café Kušnierik Saturday 19:15 Show in program
Bad Karma Boy

The music of Bad Karma Boy is based on distinctive guitar lines and psychedelic keyboard sections. They are complemented with a layered vocal, a minimalist reverb guitar, and arrangements that also include vibraphone and omnichord sounds. In the autumn of 2017, they plan to release their third album, from which you could already hear the single Palma. On Saturday evening, they will perform at café Kušnierik.

Juraj Marikovič, Adela Tihláriková, and Peter Hrabě bring Slovak songs with a distinctive atmosphere that do have a potential to become hits. Already their debut resulted in annual polls as one of the best Czecho-Slovak releases of the year 2013. With their second album “Údolia a hory”, they got very strong on Deezer and confirmed that they are one of the most interesting figures of the Slovak alternative scene. The song “Danube” was nominated in the Single of the year category at the Rádio_FM Music Awards. Last year they had a successful Czecho-Slovak tour and gave a series of concerts in the Baltics, where they also performed at the prestigious Tallinn Music Week. You can look forward to seeing them at Pohoda 2017 in just three weeks.