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B-Complex SK

Space aréna SLSP Friday 02:15 Show in program

One of the most distinctive export articles of the Slovak music scene, B-Complex, will be playing Pohoda as well. Matia, who’s behind the project, has played clubs, cities as well as festivals across Europe and beyond. In 2010, Radio_FM named her Discovery of the Year. Her track “Past Lessons for the Future” won this year’s Radio_Head Award in the category of Single of the Year. In 2017, B-Complex is planning new tracks, remixes and collaborations that you can hear at our festival as well.

Matia’s Drum & Bass merges liquid elements as well as heavier drums and basses. Her career kicked off successfully with track “Beautiful Lies” released via Hospital Records. It became a hit right away and is regarded as a classic within the genre. If you check the most prestigious D&B YouTube channel UKF Drum & Bass, you’ll find this track on the first page with a number of views comparable to the likes of Skrillex or Netsky. B-Complex offers fresh and surprising techniques. For many, it was equally surprising when she announced that she was transgender. In her music and also other activities, she supports tolerance and minorities. The last time she expressed these views was in her track “Past Lessons for the Future” where she samples the great Czech actor and man Jan Werich. Thanks to people’s votes, the track won her this year’s Radio_Head Award for Single of the Year. Besides making music, Matia is also Pohoda’s consultant since we discuss program on dance music stages together. Last year, she put on a great show at Pohoda again. She also came up with the event “Kiss 4 Boris” that asked people to send kisses instead of thunders and lightning to one of the Slovak MPs. We don’t know if she’s planning any happening at this year’s Pohoda yet, but we’re sure she’ll bring great music.