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B-complex & Mondance SK

B-complex & Mondance

B-Complex is a Slovak producer and a DJ who has become popular outside Slovakia especially with her compositions released under the label Hospital Records. With millions of streams of her tracks, she has given countless number of performances both in Europe and overseas. In addition to making great music, Matia is also an advisor of Pohoda: we discuss the dance scene together. At the beginning of the year, she represented Slovakia at the largest European showcase festival. On that occasion, the The All Things Loud portal wrote that she busted the idea that there is no space for flexibility in drum & bass.

Also this year, Mondance dancers will perform with her on stage to create a special visual show featuring Cirque performances by Michelle Marvelous and burlesque wonder Linde Von Schwärze. Mondance is a multi-genre dance group that supports independent dancers, you may know them thanks to the Tron Girls project and the Vogue Ballroom scene started in Slovakia by Monika Yamamoto, the head of Mondance, which will be accompanied by dancers Denisa Mzungu and Beshiu at the B-complex show.