Airport Trenčín 6 — 8 July 2023
Arny Margret
Saturday 16:00 | Café Kušnierik

Arny Margret IS

From an early age, Arny played the piano in the hometown of ÍsafAjörður until she was given a guitar at the age of fourteen and with it she slowly reached the confidence to write her own music. Her music and lyrics paint beautiful and yet painful images inspired by her personal experiences and surroundings. It describes how it is to live in an isolated place, surrounded by tall mountains that block the sun for a few months every year. Her indie folk has its own specific sound, but she draws influence from the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Aldous Harding, and Ásgeir.  She is currently finishing her debut album in the well-known Icelandic studio Hljóðriti and will show her undoubted talent to visitors of Pohoda 2022 in just one month.