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-273,15 SK


The Trnava band -273,15 aka Absolútna nula came into existence in Kubík’s (club in Trnava) mouldy basement sometime in 2018. It’s based on other projects such as Coco Bongo or Pod altánkom, but in this version it is, according to band’s answers in the interview for Piunkgen, "faster, more primitive, more punky and musically more boorish ”. Briefly – drums, bass and echo singing, no ambitions, no equipment, just tough poses and pastry veganism. As they say about themselves, "If you don't know us, you’re not missing out. Absolútna nula (absolute zero).” The Garage curator Denis Bango adds: “Punk as fuck. These boys are the proof that punk in Slovakia has moved into the 21st century in the past eight years, but it has also done so with the respect and reference to "traditional" punk obscurity and the fact it’s unbearable for the masses.”

“The boys are actually from the east, mostly from Spišská, but have adapted in Trnava. They build skate culture in Slovakia, help to run Kubík, make zines, release records for bands ... This is simply punk in its essence and a total embodiment of DIY. Even the recording I am sending was created because we had come up with an idea we would record demos for free in Kubik. Guys will record it and then I’ll mix and master it. And we're doing it for free. Our first attempt was Absolútna nula’s record. Everything on one track, pure dirt. I love these guys and I respect them totally,” added Denis Bango about Absolútna nula.