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0N0 SK

POHODA KLUB Saturday 20:00 Show in program

0N0 is a Bratislava-based doom/death metal three-piece. Originally a one-man project turned into this lineup in 2013: two guitars, three vocals. 0N0 combine heavy drop tuning guitar riffs with industrial discord and soundscapes. The result is a psychedelic mix, where agonizing rolling parts repeatedly alternate with explosions of blast-beat frenzy. In order to complete the atmosphere, all sorts of samples of atypical instruments or randomly found objects and field recording sounds are used. The current members have an album Reconstruction and Synthesis under their belt, which won them the 2016 Radio_Head Award in the category of Hard & Heavy. described their latest album as follows: “New album Reconstruction and Synthesis is an exceptional piece full of industrial and cruel atmosphere, ruthless dose of inhumanity and loss of contact with our world. One of the works which should definitely cross the borders of our country. Hardly anything has that kind of potential!” No less colorfully did portal describe their show from October last year: “It’s hard to describe their turquoise-colored performance. The best thing to do is to experience it. The words that come to my mind are hopelessness, cruelty, depression, but also an incredible energy coming from their songs.” Currently, they are working on a 7" EP with new material that will be released via Transcending Obscurity Records. Here you can listen to one of the new songs that will be featured on the upcoming EP. 0N0 will be playing in the festival club and were picked by one of the curators of this stage: the legendary Kabal