Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Green Europe Experience

Green Europe Experience

Design a Bicycle&Info Stand

The Pohoda Festival and the 2026 European Capital of Culture, Trenčín, are looking for a solution for info-point bicycle stands and information. Together we announce a call for the design and implementation of info-stands, which will be:

    Informative—they will contain a communication area.
    Stands should refer to the event at which they are currently located, inform about the programme or facilitate navigation at the event.
    Modular—they will consist of modules that can be arranged into larger units, according to the needs of a particular event.
    Each module should be usable individually, as well as in combination with other modules to create assemblies for different numbers of bicycles.
    Multifunctional—it will be possible to use modules to assemble various info-point assemblies for different occasions.
    Modules should provide the possibility of different spatial combinations with the possibility of creating space for further use. Solution of a presentation desk, a space for playful interaction, seating, partitioning the space, use in the interior and the like are welcome.
    Mobile—modules will be easy to move and install.
Two people should be able to move a module, combine modules, load and unload them. Is should be to transport modules in a van. Stackability is welcome.
    Sustainable—in design, production and operation,
the GEX Charter Scenography has to be respected. Modules should be easy to repair, low maintenance, and durable. They should be made of recycled, recyclable or recovered materials that are environmentally friendly in their processing.

The stands will be used at the Pohoda festival and at the Trenčín 2026 events.

The winning proposal will receive € 5,000 for its implementation.

You can sign up by filling out the


and sending it to

(A contract will be signed with the winning team to create a prototype stand.)

The call is part of the GEX - Green Europe Experience project.
The project is supported by European Union in the Creative Europe programme.


GREEN EUROPE EXPERIENCE is a 3 year living lab, based on 2 main topics : scenography & food, with 7 workshops to make it real.

Our Belief? Circular economy based on the 7R model : rethink, reduce, re-use, repair, refurbish, recover, recycle, is the key.
It is the best way to reach the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to face climate change, enhance biodiversity and support equality.

The GEX Process is very simple : CREATE, DO & REVIEW. It means that sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!

What if we try to make bags with old tents ? What if we try to cook with 100% local vegetables ? Well, let’s do, and review.

During 3 years, thanks to our collaboration, we will share unique knowledge with our teams, local suppliers and stakeholders: circular economy is the way to create the festivals of tomorrow and GEX the best way to get it…