Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
White night at Bažant Pohoda

White night at Bažant Pohoda

967,456 colourful explosions of fireworks; 100m drawings with adhesive tape; 500 pieces of art toilet paper; 20m2 of collective embroidery; 1 human MACHINE; 3 magic (white) night at Bažant Pohoda, and 1,000,000 great experiences...

21. June 2015

For the first time ever, Bažant Pohoda will present the international festival of contemporary art, White Night/Nuit Blanche, based in Paris. It will brings five non-traditional works of art that will include interactive large screen projection, live participative performance, educational happening, and spatial drawing. The main connection will experiences, new sensations, participation, and interactivity.


You will see at Pohoda:

Zuzana Petrovičová and Ondrej Makši — FireWorks with Me!

The night at the Trenčín airport will certainly not remain dark. "FireWorks with Me" is brought to you by White Night in cooperation with Orange. The “firework” is part of Orange zone and will be controlled via Bažant Pohoda 2015 app powered by Orange. On the side wall of the Orange stage, interactive digital fireworks full of colours and shapes will glow, and you can build it yourself using the official festival mobile app and your imagination, of course. There will also be an explosions counter and a text mailbox for each launcher. Do you think that together we can start one million digital explosions?

Lenka Kuricová and Michal Huštaty — Machine

Do you like moving, inventing new things, and cooperation? Do you remember your time as child and the favourite game Machine? The principle of action and reaction, mechanical movement, and the repetition of a gesture are all the elements that weʼll need to build a social machine. Everyone who comes to the movement workshop can become part of the artistic performance MACHINE.


Eva Tkáčiková — Toilet paintings

... Or recycling and infiltration of a work of art in your home. Toilet paper is an essential things for every Pohoda visitor, but how about getting yourself art toilet paper with original author print? Eva has prepared for you a limited edition of toilet paper that will become a platform for artistic works of Slovak contemporary artists such as Peter Kalmus, Lucia Dovičáková, Samo Čarnoký, and others... Visitors can come talk to Eva about art and take their toilet picture in their bathroom.


Michaela Chmelíčková — Swimming pool

Welcome to Planet 220. Simple lines, minimalist stylization, original illustrations, and graphic vision of the world— this all is offered in the work of Miška Chmelíčková formation, which is also responsible for the complete visual of White Night 2015. Using an ordinary adhesive tape, she can come out of the computer world into reality, where she creates a 3D illusion of space. Take your camera, smile for photo, and immerse yourself in drawing. The pool is going to be refreshing;)

Collective embroidery

White Night, as well as the festival Bažant Pohoda, is primarily about experiences, meetings, art, and great energy. It is always difficult to grasp all this atmosphere, to remember all those feelings; therefore, here we come with an unusual proposal. Come with your friends and embroider your experiences, mood, feelings, and messages, that will gradually appear on the canvas.


More information about White Night:

FACEBOOK: Biela noc

You can experience White Night in Košice on 3 October 2015, and in Bratislava on 10 October 2015.