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Pearls Negras

Pearls Negras

Bažant Pohoda will see three young and beautiful Brazilian ladies… They are not samba dancers, the Rio carnival participants or zumba instructors. These girls are a rap trio from Vidigal, a slum (favela) on the geographical and social fringe of Rio de Janeiro.

02. March 2015

Alice, Jemi and Mari’s performance and lyrics are defined by their origin. They describe life in slums of post-championship Brazil and reveal not very edifying experiences hidden behind angelic faces of the local girls. Their harsh words are amplified by heavy bass and beats. In sharp contrast to them stand the songs full of energy filled with desire for love and fun that makes Brazilian youth forget about how hard and dangerous life can be.

The likes of Rolling Stone and Vice division – portal – have brought their music into focus. At the age when most of their peers consider wearing braces, these girls are becoming a part of Brazilian cultural export. Tracks such as “Pensando em Voce”, “Make It Last” or “Biggie Apple” are not intended exclusively for wild parties on the streets of Rio anymore. In July, you can experience Portuguese rap and hip-hop crowned with black and latino rhythms in Slovakia as well.