Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024


Mourn’s founders (Jazz and Carla) will turn 19 this year just like Bažant Pohoda Festival. The quartet also features 15-year-old Leia and the only male representative – drummer Antonio. In their own words, these Catalan youngsters draw inspiration from singers-songwriters such as PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Sleater-Kinney and guitar music of the 90s.

03. March 2015

Following the trends of a new generation Z, they posted raw acoustic versions of their first songs on YouTube. It took them two days to record their debut LP in the studio. Despite that (or, perhaps, it’s because of that), it represents authentic indie music with straightforwardness of Ramones’ songs and melody of Pixies.

During the recording sessions, videos for songs “Otitis” and “Your Brain Is Made of Candy” were made as well. Their next track “Silver Gold” received rave reviews from Pitchfork and Papermag magazine listed them, as well as Young Fathers, among the 10 of the Hottest Acts to Look out for in 2015. Michal Kaščák, who saw the band play at Eurosonic in January, agrees. Mourn’s songs prove that, sometimes, lack of experience is an advantage. They are sure not coming to Trenčín just to lower the average age on site. The band will bring young drive and easiness that often wear out with aging and the related pragmatic views on world.