Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024


It's been 20 years since the name Drumatique first appeared on the flyers of the legendary (todayʼ SUBCLUB). The residents as well as the founders of this successful club night were GABANNA and GALAGHA. Drumatique and Pohoda are like twins who have been sharing the path. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a joint birthday party. The central figures of Drumatique, Gabo and Galager, have been active at Pohoda for many years, and Gabo worked with us for many years as co-programme creator and stage manager. Besides Slovakia, the guys have played in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, France, the Netherlands, and the UK. The Drumatique team brings current drum 'n' bass sound, presently composed of GABANNA, GALAGHA, SVETLUX, CLIVE, INKWALL, ZAJO, and ROLAND. Of these, five will be presented at our festival. 

23. June 2016

Gabanna was one of the first drum & bass DJs who started spreading this genre in Slovakia, back then in the legendary tandem with Galagha. He has been part of the operating Drumatique crew for 20 years. Today, equipped with a huge music archive and a flair for new music, he playy regularly at events at home and abroad. 

Galagha has been active since 1995. Since 1997, he has been playing with Gabo as Galagha&Gabanna. They are both considered "fathers" of drum 'n' bass in Slovakia. Galagha he has performed at a number of events and he was a resident of cult, where he and Gabanna would host very famous and popular parties called Drumatique. After the owner of the iconic place changed, G&G are returning to, now as residents at BAMBATABASS party. 

He is known for precise mixing and ear-catching selection. Clive has been on the scene for many years and his sets are always a guarantee of quality and strong musical experience, whether he sails in the waters of modern 170bpm electronic music, harder deep sound, or favourite soulful Liquidfunk. 

Inkwall released his debut EP DIFFERENT last year. He was a guest on shows Signall_FM, Scéna_Fm & PoPo_FM, and Ráno na eFeMku. His 2016 began with nominations (Radio_Head Awards) in two categories - 'Discovery of the Year' and 'Electronic Record of the Year' for his EP DIFFERENT. The admission to the legendary Drumatique crew made him the youngest NuSpirit Club resident and he is currently preparing an album with audiovisual tour. 

In past a famous techno DJ, now a big fan of contemporary bass music, he switched to broken beats during his eight-year stay in London, where he became fascinated by the UK drum&bass sound. Currently a member of Drumatique, he is responsible for the organisation of Drumatique Sessions