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A-Trak is one of those who deserve to have the abbreviation of “deejay” written in capitals. Together with Kaytranada, they are an answer to the question what the dance music capital of Canada is. Montreal, for sure.

10. March 2015

Let’s move from impressions to facts:

A-Trak was the first DJ and turntablist to win all three most important World DJ titles (DMC, ITF and Vestax) and, at the same time, he is the first DJ to win 5 World Championships. The fact that he won the DMC World DJ Championship in 1997 sounds almost incredible. Back then, Alain Macklovitch, who’s about to turn 33 in three weeks, was only 15! This made him the youngest World DJ champion and the first Canadian to win the title.

No wonder Kanye West picked him as a personal DJ for his tours. A-Trak is also known for his collaboration with Armand Van Helden within duo Duck Sauce (that rose to fame thanks to a tracks as “aNYway” and "Barbara Streisand") and as a member of the elite “Skratch Piklz”. He also developed an original system of notation for scratching in the late 1990s. In order to understand the significance of this artist in the world of dance music, just have a look at Billboard’s cover on which he appears together with Diplo and Skrillex or check Rolling Stone’s “The 25 DJs that Rule the Earth” list. By the way, A-Trak has more followers on Soundcloud than Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Avicii together.

What we are trying to say is this: If you’ve ever felt like dancing, Bažant Pohoda 2015 has got some pretty good stuff for the dance floor to offer…