Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
What was the 2015 edition like?

What was the 2015 edition like?

How can one determine whether the particular edition of the festival was the best? If we look at the number of tickets sold, then it was basically sold out. Only a few tickets were left at the gates. On Saturday evening, we reached the capacity of the festival, which could be seen especially during the Björk concert.

13. July 2015

If we look at it from the perspective of its course, then there was no extraordinary surprise during the festival days; everything went smoothly and production staff sometimes spoke on their radios just to see if they worked. As for the weather, visitors or organisers in fact could not wish for better.

If we evaluate the festival by the responses of the performers, then their early arrivals and later departures from the grounds fill us with joy, as well as their immediate responses. The only unpleasant event with cut tyres in the parking lot on Sunday morning just underlined the strength of solidarity among visitors and we believe that whoever was did for that, their intention to thwart the joy of the festival was not fulfilled.

We cannot evaluate the festival for visitors, but filled space under the stages, sold out merch and over 4,000 tickets sold for the next year give us hope that the things went as they were supposed to. A good reviews on the atmosphere is our traditional welcoming of the sun, as those who are having a good time, do not want to go to sleep. Already on Saturday morning we experienced the record number of viewers at the Kippi Kaninus concert, just to see this nice record beaten with the lively music of Sendreiovci the day after. However, our goal is not to break records, we are just trying to offer our visitors the most well-being.

When we look at the positives mentioned above and your immediate reactions, we believe that we have had the best year so far. The beautiful emotions that resonate in us and the performers would not be possible without the best festival audience in the world. Thank you.

We are looking forward to you on the 7—9 July 2016 at the twentieth edition of the festival.