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RL Grime

RL Grime

What will the future of electronic music look like? This question can be answered by a quick glance in Henry Steinway’s (a.k.a. RL Grime) studio.

12. March 2015

Also known under the pseudonym Clockwork, RL Grime grew up in Los Angeles. In this Mecca of showbiz, he joined the group of producers WeDidIt that includes him, Shlomo, Groundislava, and D33J. In 2012, he released the EP titled Grapes. Just two months later, he and Salvo remixed the song ,,Mercy" by Kenye West that more than seven million people have already played on SoundCloud. The final recognition of the pros and club visitors came with the song ,,Trap On Acid". In 2013, another EP named High Beams followed, and at the end of last year, we welcomed the long expected debut Void, where artists such as Boys Noize, Big Sean and Djemba Djemba collaborated. The best known song of the album is ,,Core".

As he said for Billboard magazine, he does not care about catchiness of his songs and would not have it imposed. He is interested in authentic creation, although a similar attitude is not very common in electronic dance music. He also revealed for Billboard that he desires to become a legend in this genre, which brings us back to the initial question: RL Grime does not dream about this desire but works hard in studios and clubs to gain it. Soon, Bažant Pohoda visitors will be able to find just how far he has come at the age of a graduate.


 Shot by: Andi Elloway