Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Pohoda from artists’ point of view…

Pohoda from artists’ point of view…

Björk thanked visitors and festival on social networks. After her show, she went see Les Ambassadeurs as well as her friends from Icelandic band Ghostigital. During the press conference, FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) mentioned that they noticed a lot of beautiful women in a very short time. Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand sang “Love Will Tear Us Apart” together with Baláž and Hubinák.

16. July 2015

Twins Ibeyi were enthused not only by the atmosphere, but also by the sky and people. Here’s what they posted on Facebook: “All day and all night long...beautiful sky and beautiful people ‪#‎Slovaquia." On Twitter, they added: “Just left @pohodaofficial. 1st time in Slovaquia with wonderful people. And we saw Björk perform...” Here’s what Israelis Acollective thanked for: “Ďakujem Pohoda! For the sun and the good vibes.” Their fellow countrymen of Lola Marsh band fell in love with us: “Wow, Thank you, Festival Bažant Pohoda!!! Yesterday was mind blowing, We are Inlove Dakujem!!!” Considering the feedback on their show that we received, it’s obvious we fell in love with them as well.

According to Irie Révoltés, Czech and Slovakian audience is one of the best in the world. A person in the crowd with a trash can lifted Kiasmos’ mood: “To the person holding up the trash can: we love you!” Polish journalists got amazed by Heymoonshaker whereas the band loved the festival and audience to whom they dedicated a post on Twitter “‪#‎Pohoda festival Slovakia. Wow wow wow!” Koven’s message says “Such an insane crowd last night in Slovakia. Our first time performing “From the start” from our new EP, and it went off.” BBC Scotland’s Vic Galloway, Young Fathers’ fellow countrymen, praises them and the audience on Twitter: “Another incredible performance from @Youngfathers in front of a huge crowd @Pohodaofficial Slovakia...”

RL Grime posted a photo with A-Trak and Hudson Mohawke on Facebook, with whom he made the whole SLSP Space Arena dance on Friday night. Hybrid Minds expresses his thanks as well: “Thank you Pohoda. That was special MC Tempza.” According to Fufanu, “Got to love Festival Bažant Pohoda.” K i T (Kuenta i Tambu) said they wanted to come back: “Thank you ‪#‎pohodafestival ‪#‎thank you ‪#‎slovakia !!! We will be back.” According to Dakh Daughters we’re amazing: “Thank you all who was with us today at the Pohoda festival! You're stunning!”

Here’s what DJ Click appreciated: “Green or purple Festival Bažant Pohoda - official page @ Trenčín (SK) it’s just a amazing place !! with a ultra-mega powerful happy audience!!” Erotic Market thanked the festival, their guide, the bands for their energy and express “HUGE THX to this fantastic audience that made this 5pm gig such a hot and rich moment! See u asap huniiiiz.”

Kippi Kaninus were welcoming the sun. Here’s their message: “Hi Sun, we love you! Thank you.” Gonsofus a.k.a. Sasha Mamaev together with Gábor Tokár spent some time at the festival so they thanked for the quality-packed lineup and a great weekend. For Anton Maskeliade, it was a great experience: “Thank you for the incredible experience and sweet audience!” Bo Ningen from Japan thanked us as well. Their fellow countrywomen Tricot managed to play 5 shows (together with Radio_FM) during their stay in Slovakia. At the festival, they played twice in front of a big crowd. With undisguised excitement, here’s what they say on social networks: 昨日の出演に引き続き、急遽決まったスロヴァキアのPohoda Festivalの2ステージ目、ぶちかまして来ました。Thank you :)