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Para, Vojtik and the Plantasia project will perform at the Doma dobre charity event, which aims to help the homeless.

Para, Vojtik and the Plantasia project will perform at the Doma dobre charity event, which aims to help the homeless.

Join us in supporting the homeless and indulge in not only a fantastic musical programme. The charity event Doma Dobre is once again organized by Pohoda Festival in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Depaul Slovakia. The incredible band Para and the talented and brave Vojtik will perform at the event, and you'll also have the chance to experience a live performance of Mort Garson's iconic album, “Mother Earth's Plantasia”, which premiered at Pohoda in July. The album will be performed live by Kristína Smetanová, Haimoni Balgavá, Peter Kunzo and Martin Majlo Štefánik. Doma dobre will be hosted by Martin Staňo.

28. November 2023

In addition to the musical programme, there will also be a children's programme featuring a kids' corner and a performance for children aged 4 and above (but also entertaining for adults) titled "Goats and the Wolf" by theatre Divadielko Maťo. You will be able to see exhibitions created and prepared by homeless people. There will also be interesting video projections, a discussion and a workshop. There will be a delicious Christmas cabbage and meat soup for a voluntary contribution, which will be free for Depaul clients.

Doma Dobre will take place on Sunday, December 10 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. directly at the St. Vincent de Paul Night Shelter at Ivanská cesta 32 in Bratislava.

However, attendees have the opportunity to contribute to a collection aiding homeless individuals.

1pm Door open
2pm Plantasia
2.45pm Divadielko Maťo: Kozliatka a vlk
3pm Vojtik
3.30pm Diskusia: Pracovať v Depaule je super!
4pm Para


The goal of the event is to assist those who have lost their homes, raise awareness, and shed light on the real challenges faced by homeless people, especially during the difficult winter months. Doma Dobre event also supports the “Adoptuj posteľ” (Adopt a Bed) initiative, backed by Depaul Slovakia.

What can you bring?
- Towels and blankets to keep the homeless warm in winter
- Non-perishable food items: sugar, citric acid powder (citrodeko), tea
- Functioning mobile phones with chargers (even old models or push-button phones), which will help homeless people to enter the job market.

“Adopt a Bed”
Depaul Slovakia's facilities cater to over two thousand people in need every year. They provide them with warm meals, clothing, social counseling, a secure bed, and most importantly, support and acceptance from Depaul staff. However, winter poses significant financial challenges for the Depaul organisation. By making a symbolic 'Adopt a Bed' donation on a regular basis, supporters can help Depaul to be there for those who seek help.

Why do the homeless deserve our help?
The homeless are just like us. Many have lost a job, a loved one or are suffering from a serious illness. Depaul Slovakia is a non-profit organisation that strives to help all those who are left on the streets. Because the street is not and cannot be a home for anyone.

How to get to Doma Dobre?
To reach the venue, you can take a car or taxi directly to the address Ivanská cesta 32, Bratislava. If you prefer public transport, take the bus no. 61 heading to the airport and disembark at the Pri letisku (request stop).

For more information about their work and how you can assist the homeless, check out and

This project is financially supported by Bratislavký samosprávny kraj – najlepšie miesto pre život, City of Bratislava Foundation, and media partners Rádio_FMStartitup, Aktuality, Obkec, and Citylife.


For more than a quarter of a century, Para has been successfully confirming its reputation as a top concert band. They have won Radio_Head Awards for both Album and Single of the Year.  Para have recorded seven albums since 1995, but the key to their success are their live performances. Come and enjoy a fantastic concert in an intimate setting with a powerful mission.

"I listen to the city radio, I lie there roaring until I fall asleep. I’m terrified of the future, born to perish...” are the lyrics of a song that has resonated across the country in recent months. Their author is the young singer Vojtik, who has attracted attention with a powerful statement in the song “Detviansky sen” (Detvian Dream). Through the song and its music video, he holds a mirror to our society. He himself is a queer Roma living in a region marked by extremism, and he speaks musically about how hard it is to grow up in Slovakia. He released an album titled “KVETY Z PODPOĽANIA” (Flowers From Podpoľanie) at the end of July.

CONCERT: Plantasia
A special rendition of the legendary album “Mother Earth's Plantasia” by Mort Garson from1976 had its Slovak premiere at Pohoda in July. You can enjoy this rare project at the Doma dobre event. 
The album became popular under the name Plantasia and its official subtitle says it all: "Music for plants and for all who love them.” The album will be performed live by Kristína Smetanová, Haimoni Balgavá, Peter Kunzo and Martin Majlo Štefánik. They will play the songs on four synthesizers.

EXHIBITION: Nebývam, ale žijem (I Don’t Live at Home but I Live)
Not living at home doesn’t mean not living at all. What is the real life of the homeless?  Is it filled with love and freedom, or is it a daily struggle for survival? For a few days, clients of Depaul captured their everyday lives...

“The photography project aimed to give homeless individuals the chance to document their real lives on the street through cultural activities. It communicates their aspirations visually, emphasizing the importance of living with dignity. Cultural activities help dispel prejudices and stereotypes. Simultaneously, they help to strengthen connections between marginalized communities and the broader society. And importantly, they offer the majority a glimpse into the intimacy of the homeless world— a world that those of us "with an address" frequently overlook and underestimate. It's not always gambling or alcoholism that leads people to the streets,” says photographer Miroslav Zaťko, one of the exhibition’s co-authors, about the project.

The project received support through the grant system of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic under the programme “Kultúra znevýhodnených skupín” (Culture of Disadvantaged Groups). Further involved were: Depaul and Fotovideoshop.

DISCUSSION: Pracovať v Depaule je super! (Working for Depaul is Great!)
Ever wondered what it's like to work in a non-profit organisation? Contemplating a career change? Join us for a conversation about why working at Depaul Slovakia is so rewarding.

Depaul will showcase its services and facilities, including St. Vincent's Night Shelter, the Integrative Housing Programme, St. Elizabeth's Infimary, St. Louise de Marillac Shelter and Nursing Home, and Fieldwork of Blessed Rosalie Rendu through videos available in one of the rooms throughout the programme.

Clients from St. Louise Shelter, along with Saška, the activities coordinator for the shelter, will guide you through the workshop. The waste-free fire starters are handmade by the skilled clients of the St. Louise de Marillac shelter. They use leftover materials from fruit and vegetable crates or wax from "burned out" candles to make them. They are an excellent way to keep your fireplace warm on chilly days and can also be used for summer barbecues and grilling.

EXHIBITION: “NAJKRAJŠÍ DEŇ” (The Most Beautiful Day)
“What would your most beautiful day be like?” This was the question posed by Depaul worker and art student Viktória to homeless individuals. She invited them to express their idea of the most beautiful day on a piece of paper using a special marker, the text of which only becomes visible under a UV lamp.

Come and see this unique installation at Doma dobre. But before you do, you can answer Victoria's question for yourself. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you spend the day with? "I asked these questions of the people we see every day on park benches, in train stations, and on city streets—the homeless," says Viki about the creative process.

"The Most Beautiful Day" installation was crafted in the Intermedia Studio as Viktória's student work at the Department of Intermedia, Digital Media, and Spatial Design (Faculty of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Banská Bystrica) under the guidance of Associate Professor and academic painter Miroslav Nicz.