Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024


There will be a fictional band Moonlandingz at Pohoda 2016, which consists of the singer and guitarist of the band Fat White Family and the members of Eccentronic Research Council.  

06. April 2016

The fictional band project was started by the video for the song “Sweet Saturn Mine” that was released on Valentine's Day last year. In the video, British actress Maxine Peake acts as an obsessive fan of Johnny Rocket, a singer of a local band Moonlandingz. The song gained an immediate massive rotation on BBC 6 Music. FWF and Eccentronic Research Council then released an EP called “Johnny Rocket, a narcissist and Music Machine ... I'm Your Biggest Fan”. Last summer, Sean Lennon, John Lennonʼs son, started working with them. A side project of a fictional band suddenly brought its members in a studio and on tour. Journalists describe their style as cosmic synth-pop and krautrock, but the members of FWF cannot deny their rock 'n' roll roots. Lias Saoudi (i.e. his alter ego) received an uncommon compliment by Guardianʼs Ian Gittins at the end of a review: “Although Johnny Rocket does not exist, he is still much better rock star than many of today's 'posers'.”
Moonlandingz are interesting and extraordinary because it is a side project of all its members, providing them with less pressure and more fun. You can feel it in recordings and especially at live performances. Moonlandingz became a regular band just after last year's Pohoda. They are going to show their best at the upcoming edition!