Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Max Jury

Max Jury

Max Jury is a 23 year old singer-songwriter and pianist from Iowa. He has a tour with Lana del Rey under his belt and has played several sold out shows in London. His song “Crooked Time” made it to NME’s “Tracks You Have To Hear This Week” list. His song “Black Metal” received a positive review from Clash Magazine as well as Under the Gun Review portal. His debut is due out June 3rd and a month after that, Max will be heading to Trenčín Airport.

06. April 2016

Max started playing piano at the age of 6. His first attempts at song-writing are symptomatic – he used music to move on from a break up and, subsequently, to cope with anything that happens in life. He got into the prestigious Berklee College of Music twice and twice he dropped out to pursue his own music. As he explains, “you go home and the last thing you want to do is pick up your guitar or play the piano after you’ve been doing it all day.” The background to his autobiographic songs is formed by a specific trait of American life and culture: the ability to find something beautiful also about places that are not so beautiful. According to Clash Magazine, when listening to his music, you can feel that he “is capable of tapping into something larger, much older than himself.” Max himself names the likes of Neil Young, Tom Waits, Ryan Adams, D'Angelo, The Byrds, The Beatles or The Kinks as his inspiration. His music is inspired by country and soul but also by rock ‘n’ roll and contemporary pop.
We saw Max at IFF Conference where the biggest world agencies presented their up-and-coming artists. As Michal describes, “There is a peculiar melancholy to his singing. As for his voice, you can’t tell if it is a male or female vocal. With his exceptional melodiousness, he was mesmerizing. And that’s why we chose him for our festival.”