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Korben Dallas Symphony

Korben Dallas Symphony

Benetin, Fila, Guttler, and Solovic. No, Korben Dallas do not have a new member, they have several dozens of new members, as they will play their greatest hits in Slavo Solovicʼs arrangements with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

30. April 2015

Korben Dallas was founded in 2010 by relatively seasoned musicians; however, the meteoric success, which the band has earned over the five years of existence, must have been a pleasant surprise for them as well. The debut Pekné cesty (2011) originated as a live concert recording and was immediately nominated for Radio_Head Awards for the Album of the Year - Critics Prize. Two years later, their studio album Karnevalová Vrana earned the prize statuettes in all significant categories. Just recently, they released their third album Banská Bystrica, which features the duet with Jana Kirschner "Spolu", and the hit "Za sklom" with an impressive video clip made by NASA.

In addition to the songs from the first two albums that were performed at previous Korben Dallas Symphony concerts at the festival Viva Musica! and at the concert Doma dobre in the Depaul dormitory, the setlist will contain several songs from their new album Banská Bystrica. "Two years ago, we would have been happy to see at least as many people as there are in the orchestra at our concert," said Juraj Benetin at the opening of the performance in the Old Market. Korben Dallas definitely does not need tp worry about the number of people on the stage or in front of it anymore... especially not with the orchestra at Bažant Pohoda.