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ILMC director Greg Parmley: great bill and work on site

ILMC director Greg Parmley: great bill and work on site

Read what the head of the most prestigious music conferences ILMC (International Live Music Conference) Greg Parmley thinks about our festival.

22. July 2015

Greg Parmley was one of the panelists at "Will Slovakia find its Björk". Read his immediate feelings after the festival, which he sent to Michal Kaščák:

"This time around, I think that the thing I most enjoyed was the booking. It was an inspired bill, and uncompromising in presenting great artistry, regardless of niche or style. If there's one thing that will see Pohoda thrive and succeed in the coming years, it's this fact; the passion that is obviously woven through each thread of the bill, as well as what you do on site.  
During Bjork, I got chatting to a lovely guy from Bulgaria who'd driven for two days to get to Pohoda. He said he was spending three weeks wages to be there, but loving every minute. And it was then that I think I really appreciated the importance of what you guys are doing with the festival.
Please send my congratulations and a thank you to your excellent team as well - everyone we met was enthusiastic, helpful and professional. You truly have a great team."