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Creative Zone and Design Market 2015

Creative Zone and Design Market 2015

These days at FRESHMENʼS Gallery, you can see works of art that arose over the past 10 years in the creative zone of Bažant Pohoda. Its program this year, however, certainly will be no worse than the previous years — it will offer design market, several workshops, UV painting, and, especially, the works of artists such as SHOOTY, Erik Binder, and Andrej Dúbravský, that will be created on site.

22. June 2015

Martin Šútovec, aka SHOOTY, is a proof that in order to become the most popular commentator in the country, you do not need to write more than two sentences. With his excellent caricatures, he won many fans and several awards; certainly the most significant ones being legal actions taken by politicians.

Erik Binder is one of the most original authors of the young generation of the contemporary Slovak visual arts. Typical of his work is that “rules are only made during the game.” Binderʼs fruitful production ranges from digital manipulations and videos through multimedia objects and installations to drawing, graphics, paintings on canvas, and sprayed skate boards.

Andrej Dúbravský is nicknamed “a hare painter” because the figures on his paintings have rabbit ears. Dúbravský is a controversial young artist who likes to shock. He exhibited his work in several world capitals, sold dozens of paintings, and, already during his studies at university, his paintings were chosen for the most famous Slovak auction company.


Workshop Show Me – transparent bags
The SHOW ME project is a response to the situation today, when people voluntarily reveal their privacy through social networks. The concept of bags made of transparent and translucent materials moves this idea beyond the virtual borders. Random arrangement of objects in a bag provides the bag with a characteristic ornament. Simple cuts are used to bring out the structure of the material itself. The result is a playful and always original design.

Workshop: production of a pinhole camera from a matchbox
At this workshop, you will learn how you can use pinhole principle to make a camera out of a matchbox. The camera fits in your palm and can take 36 pictures on an ordinary photographic film. There is nothing more full of discovery than building your own functional camera from basic materials and so brushing off the memory of basic physical principles, plus you become part of the process of photography! The price for materials, film, and a camera tripod for camera production is about €5.

Workshop with clay — Ceramique
Raku is a firing method in which all the elements are combined and unrepeatable and unique things are created in that moment. The word Raku means joy and happiness and the firing method is really exciting because you do not know what the different products will look like until the very end.

The full programme of Creative Zone:


Martin Šútovec

Erik Binder

Andrej Dúbravský

Juraj Toman

Martin Kiman

Juraj Florek

Monika Kolárová

Peter Cvik

Rita Koszorus

Andrea Kopecká

Petra Vojteková


Barbora Tichá

Jakub Beňačka


Koordinátori: Matej Borovička

Ivana Rybánska

List of Designers — sellers:

1. FRL - Nina Marčeková a Matej Rosmany

2. ADELL + PUPAART - Adela Kucharovičová a Zlatica Hlaváčová

3. LEMUR + LOSTOMATOS Marcela Foltanova a Miro Zaťkuliak

4. PATIO + FOLKART Stofova a Dorota Mišíková

5. PATCHMAGA - Michaela Mokrá a Jana Mokrá

6. HOFFE - Peter Hoffelder , Martin Hoffelder

7. RETART Matúš Kucharovič a Silvia Stampovska

8. THREE POINT + FEDTND - Radka Bezdedová a  Martina RudaKitana

9. KRESKY + ZZUZZI - Petra Vančová a Zuzana Hake

10. ALALA – Ala Krivá a Matej Krivý

11. ERYNBAGS - Elena Ryníková a Peter Ryník

12. THINGS.BY.E. + VETESH - Eliška Nováková a Johanka Chrienová

13. PONIO - Ivana Zuzínová a Peter Zuzín

14. TY GALLERY + QPLUSBODKA - Eva Matkuliakova a Lucia Turonova

15. SASHA-M + AMANITAA Mrazová a Adriana Koščová