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Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC

The music of Charlotte OC is a combination of Irish musicality inherited from her father and exotic expression and appearance passed from her mother (the mother has family roots in India and Mallawi).

17. April 2015

The interesting genetic makeup of the charming British singer Charlotte Mary O'Connor was only a precondition of where she would come with her own efforts. She knew she wanted to be a singer since the age of five. This understanding was further strengthened by singing in the school choir. Her father (musician) surrounded her with soul and folk music produced by the names such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, and Joni Mitchell. She signed her first major contract with the publisher Columbia when she was 16. The cooperation didn’t work out very well for at that time young non-profiled singer... fortunately, according to her words.

After a break from music, she found a new inspiration in the capital of techno, or rather its “White House” in the Berlin club Berghain. The young singer thus let the sounds of the 21st century into her heart affairs (soul and folk). She released her first EP “Colour My Heart” in late 2013. BBC immediately indicated her as one of the names worth drawing attention to. Other strong songs followed, such as “Hangover” and “Strange”. Under the song “Cut The Rope” on YouTube, one of the fans wrote: “I found out about Charlotte OC’s music by mistake. Best mistake I’ve made on YouTube”. We just add that it would be a mistake to miss the opportunity to see and hear Charlotte OC live.