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"Bažant Pohoda 2015, or how to be sexi"

"Bažant Pohoda 2015, or how to be sexi"

Have a look at what the Austrian media FM4 and Noisey and the Polish RMF and wrote about us. It is very enjoyable to read ...

15. July 2015

This is what Tomasz Balawejder (RMF FM) and Tomasz Bielenia ( wrote about us: “Pohoda is not just a music festival, it is a lifestyle. It is a few days a year when you have no expectations from anyone, as well as Pohoda does not have any form you. From 9th to 11th July, we were allowed to live in a relaxed atmosphere at the airport in Trenčín.... And here we are, at the end of this yearʼs history that we have been writing to you since 2010 (our first visit to Bažant Pohoda). From this moment, our year is divided into the time before and after the Slovak festival, accompanied by a “great professional hangover”. However, this sad feeling reminds us that we were once again able to participate in a unique event and that we will have such an opportunity again in one year only...” More here.
Katharina Seidler of the Austrian FM4 wrote: “The Slovak festival is one of the best ways to spend a summer weekend. It offers a varied programme and food, a clean tent camp, a plenty of flush toilet, and, above all, a bounty of friendly people. Hard liquor is not sold on the grounds, but on the other hand, there is enough free drinking water in tanks. The festival has many places to relax, you can see theatrical performances, debates, and lectures, try dance workshops and roller disco, and visit open-air cinema and Kids Park... The main star of this year was ageless Björk and during her concert the festival turned into a place of relaxation and love that goes beyond everything. " More here.

Mario Graf of Noisey starts with a comment that the ticket price would normally pay just the very Björk, and not the other bands in the busy Bažant Pohoda schedule. He came across the festival just by chance when he was looking for the next concert of Björk. In his article, he provides a list of the accompanying activities and ends it in the same tone as he started: “Despite the strong line-up, the festival will not leave your wallet empty. If you are wondering whether it is worth to return here next year, you get a short answer: Yes.” More here.