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5 Names from the Slovak Scene

5 Names from the Slovak Scene

5 new names were added to this year’s lineup: Legend of Slovakian hip-hop Vec is coming with Škrupo and live band.

29. April 2015

5 new names were added to this year’s lineup: Legend of Slovakian hip-hop Vec is coming with Škrupo and live band. B-Complex will offer a mix of drum and bass vitamins and Zlokot a blend of basically everything. Purist will bring ambitious electro-pop and Elections In The Deaftown will present Slovak indie of high quality.

Vec & Škrupo + band - Vec is a legend of Slovakian hip-hop scene that crossed the borders of genre itself. Why? Even those who are not really into hip-hop look forward to his concerts. In 1997 he released an album with Midi through Sony Music record label. Today, this album is regarded as a hip-hop classic. As a DJ, Vec made it to DMC world finals in London in 2001. Then he started releasing records under his stage name. With his albums Dobré ráno (2005), Funkčný veterán (2008) and Stereo farbo slepo (2012), he had plenty of opportunities to perform live in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Currently, he’s working on his new album and together with Škrupo and live band, they are heading to this year’s Bažant Pohoda.

B-Complex - Go to one of the most prestigious D&B YouTube channels UKF Drum & Bass. You can find B-Complex on the first page of the most played artists, among the names such as Sklrillex or Netsky. B-Complex is Matúš Lenickýʼs pseudonym – and it is one of the biggest names of not just the Slovak electronic scene. In B-Complexʼs music, the standard strengths of D&B music (fast drums and powerful basslines) are accompanied by catchy melodies and the 'play with colour' of accompanying sounds and harmonies. The song "Beautiful Lies" brought him from Bratislava locals to London clubs. Matúš claims that as a child, he had music instead of Lego. Come and be surprised with what jigsaw he brings to Pohoda.

Zlokot - In 2012, band Zlokot won the category of “Newcomer of the Year” at Radio_Head Awards. But its members were definitely no newcomers to the scene. It was a brand new project, though, featuring experienced musicians Erik "Losos" Horák, Michal Lašán (Noisecut), Stanka Apfelová (Got Blue Balls) and rapper Lyrik (Modré Hory). In Zlokot’s case, “genre” is kind of oxymoron. Despite what you might expect, rap, punk, rock and roll and electronica all combined work perfectly in their music. After the release of album Slowakische Idiot (2013), even more compact Slowakische Genius (2014) came out. Besides Slovakian media, the second album was well-received by Czech magazines Rockmag or Popular as well.

Purist - The Slovakian-English electro-pop band Purist includes Juraj Peták (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Alan Prekop (bass guitar, vocals), and Liam Whybrow (drums). Already the first single of the band, "Renaissance", quickly gained the favour of the media. In their short history, they have played at major international festivals such as Electronic Beats, Bažant Pohoda, the showcase Europavox in France, and, as the first Slovak band ever, at the biggest Polish Open'er Festival. In April 2014, they recorded their debut album Colourful Noise study in the prestigious Red Bull Studios in Copenhagen. It was released on 6 December 2014 and earned a nomination for the best debut album of the year at the Radio_Head awards.

Elections In The Deaftown - Young band Elections In The Deaftown brings a quality-packed indie from Považie region. They have two EPs under their belt – Bits and Pieces (2012) and A Kind of Storm (2013). This year, they are planning to release their debut. In 2013, they were nominated in the category of “Newcomer of the Year” at Radio_Head Awards and their songs “Kind of Storm” and “Comfort Zone” made it to the top of Radio_FM’s “Osmička” charts. A wide range of guitar, keyboard and vocal effects add a melancholic touch to their songs. On the other hand, original rhythmic patterns give a dancy feel to their music. They have already played Czech festivals such as Creepy Teepee and Rock for People.