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3T, SkRAT, Pavol Seriš and theatre STOKA at Bažant Pohoda 2015

3T, SkRAT, Pavol Seriš and theatre STOKA at Bažant Pohoda 2015

Tri tvorivé tvory, SkRAT, Pavol Seriš and Theatre STOKA will represent the theatre at Bažant Pohoda 2015.

23. June 2015


3T- Improvisation craziness

imageYou’ll have a chance to see Tri Tvorivé Tvory (Three Creative Creatures), famous interactive improvisation theater based in Žilina, already on the opening day of Pohoda 2015. Impro-trio featuring Juraj „Šoko“ Tabaček, Lukáš „Pucho“ Púchovský and Stanislav "Stanley" Staško will present their inventiveness and sense of humor in improvisation sketches on themes of viewers’ choice.



SkRAT – Inside of the Inside 2/2


SkRAT will present a sequel to their play Inside of the Inside – a result of an international cooperation within project “Parallel Lives: the 20th century through the eyes of secret Police.” Paranoia Querulans tells a story of hitherto unexplained case of unexplained death of double agent and priest P. Coufal from 1981. Authors Burgr and Vicen present the power structure of State Security that, through permanent surveillance and spreading fear, interferes in lives of its individual employees. The authors are mapping mechanisms that are capable of functioning even after State Security institution’s dissolution. 





Pavol Seriš – From the ZOO


His motion comedy From the ZOO blends features of pantomime, absurd humor, stand-up comedy and dance. Seriš doesn’t create ZOO environment using props: he uses his own body and viewers’ imagination.




Besides theater, the Department of Clown, Scenic and Film Production at JAMU, Brno, graduate dedicates himself to cartoon humor and short-film production. He doesn’t like mustard, and still, or, perhaps exactly because of that, his projects are a success and win awards all around the world. He’s got performances in Lebanon, Tehran, Morocco, Italy or Poland under his belt and often performs in Slovakia and his hometown Trenčín as well.

STOKA theatre – Victory
The script is a result of joint effort, which is typical of Blaho Uhlár’s theater. Victory is “a flow of consciousness, a flow of non-consciousness, a flow of unconsciousness.” As much as four actors – for the first time in Stoka Theater’s modern history – present absurd action on the stage with a huge enthusiasm. Through discussions and get-togethers of people/actors on the stage, the audience learns that even the infinite openness toward humiliation can be considered as attitude toward life.