Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Ceren Oran & Moving Borders, Tanečno
Friday 10:30 | Optimistan Nadácie OrangeSaturday 10:30 | Optimistan Nadácie Orange

Ceren Oran & Moving Borders, Tanečno SK, DE

Ceren Oran & Moving Borders, Tanečno: The Urge

This project presents a Slovak adaptation of the successful German site-specific movement performance with live musical accompaniment, originating from the circumstances faced by artists during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Initiated by an association representing the youngest generation of contemporary dance artists, "The Urge" project seeks to foster collaboration with peers from Slovakia and abroad, establish connections with foreign institutions and festivals, and showcase contemporary art in regional and public spaces – particularly outdoors. Through the adaptation of "The Urge," the aim is to highlight diverse approaches to creation and performance, enriching the cultural landscape of Slovakia.

"The Urge" draws inspiration from the challenging two-year experience of the pandemic and social distancing. Yet, together with the dancers, it transforms this frustration into something profoundly vital and contagious in the best sense of the word – a collective celebration of the joy, energy, and fascination of movement, an intense sharing of the moment here and now, in direct connection with the audience in public spaces. Oran translates collective trauma and individual responses to societal crises into choreographic expressions, blending energetic, synchronised dance sequences with distinctive improvised solos by individual dancers. The pulsating electronic music sets the dynamic rhythm of the choreography, spreading urgency and vitality directly to the audience. Live saxophone improvisation complements the musical landscape, intensifying the interplay between the dancers – representing the collective, and the musician – the individual.

Concept, Choreography: Ceren Oran
Choreographic Collaboration: Maayan Reiter, Rotem Weismann
Dramaturgical Collaboration: Karolína Hejnová
Dancers: Miriam Budzáková, Matúš Szeghö, Paulína Šmatláková, Andrej Štepita, Lukáš Záhorák
Music: Hüseyin Evirgen
Live Music: Róbert Kolář
Project Origin: Ceren Oran & Moving Borders, MOVE Ostrava and Tanečno
The synchronised choreographic elements are based on improvisations shared on social media by Phil Hulford, Sofia Pouchtou, Clementine Herveux, Elisa Ruffato, Kamola Rashidova.