Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Saturday 01:15 | Garáž 1

post-hudba CZ


The electronic duo post-hudba is now an established name on the Prague alternative scene – after a tentative start between 2011 and 2013, where singer-songwriter Dominik Zezula and producer Tomáš Havlen released their first three EPs, the band took a six-year hiatus. But they came back strong in 2019 with Není se na co těšit, and then Svět na konci roku nula (2021). Their third album, My všichni tady a teď (2023), bridges the gap between their more experimental side and classical songwriting. Think strong choruses, live guitars intertwined with dance beats, echoes of UK garage, and lingering hyperpop, hardcore, and indie folk influences. All wrapped around heavy lyrics about the end of the world as perceived by today's thirty-somethings."This was my most-played "local" band in 2022. Great lyrics, dark and depressing for sure, but with a hint that somehow, we'll make it. We just have to, even when battling the demons within and around us every day. Their music isn't complicated, but it's precise and undeniably gritty. Live, they're pure energy. They sell out shows wherever they play in the Czech Republic. After this gig, I really hope the same happens in Slovakia. Highly recommended," Lubo Šoška, the curator of Garage, adds about the booking.