Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Neue Welt
Friday 03:15 | Garáž 1

Neue Welt CZ


The four-piece post-prog band Neue Welt is one of the great discoveries of the Czech music scene. They released their debut album, V Nebi Je Zle, last year, which even landed them Album of the Week on the Vinyla platform. Their music is heavily influenced by both the Czech underground music and the global independent scene, so you can always expect something interesting and new from them. They mix blast-beats with piano passages, so it's all about contrasts in their sound. Neue Welt is also part of the art collective 6000 Ωveček.

"Neue Welt has been a revelation for me. I've had their music in my headphones for months now, and I knew right away I wanted them on our stage. It's been a long time since something grabbed me so quickly at first listen, and I keep finding new favorite tracks on the album. When they played their first Slovak concert at our PINK WHALE, it blew everyone away. They've recently sent me some new stuff they're working on, and I'm really looking forward to the next album. If they don't go crazy, they definitely have the potential to play on a big stage someday," adds Lubo Šoška, the curator of the Garage, about the booking.