Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Meta and the Cornerstones
Saturday 15:15 | Orange stage

Meta and the Cornerstones SE-US


Meta and the Cornerstones is a reggae band led by frontman Meta Dia. Meta comes from Senegal, so the influence of his native country is very much evident in their work. Currently based in the USA, the band features musicians from many parts of the world, which is reflected in the excellent mix of other influences in their work that blends rock, hip-hop, afro-pop and soul alongside reggae. Simply great music that knows no boundaries and its mission is to spread love, peace and harmony.

They have also collaborated with legendary musicians such as Damian Marley, Julian Marley, Dub Inc. and Morgan Heritage.

"A huge "THANK YOU" to your whole crew at the agency on behalf of all reggae fans. Christmas came a month early this year :D I'm sure fans of other music genres will also be pleased with this booking. The band Meta and the Cornerstones is made up of members from different parts of the world, which of course influences the songwriting itself. Lead singer Meta Dia is charismatic, pleasant and his delivery is almost loving. Well, you'll see for yourselves :). Now I'm off, I have to find the Senegalese flag. They deserve proper support under the stage :)", adds Rezeň, a die-hard Pohoda visitor, who also recommended the band to us.

Amazing music with positive message that you will definitely fall in love with at Pohoda.