Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Kiki House of Velvet
Friday 10:15 | Tepláreň

Kiki House of Velvet SK

Kiki House of Velvet: Let's have a kiki with House of Velvet

Kiki House of Velvet is the first Czech-Slovak kiki house. It was founded by Monika and Viktor in 2016, who have been actively involved in the creation and functioning of the local ballroom scene for 10 years.

Ballroom scene, or "ball culture" is an African-American and Latino LGBTI+ subculture that originated in NYC. Its history begins already in the 19th century, and today you can recognize it, for example, from the series POSE. Ballroom have spread throughout the world and found a permanent place in it, even with regard to local conditions. This space is to express one's personality without rejection. It belongs to all minorities who do not meet the standards set by heteronormative society. The dance style of Vogue, which you could see on the current tour of Madonna and Beyoncé, was also born here, and thanks to House of Velvet, you will also see it at Pohoda. We already have an 8-year history of balls in Bratislava, which Monika Prikkelová and Roman Samotný take care of. The most famous one is called Ball of Shame.