Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Katarína Koščová a Daniel Špiner
Saturday 17:45 | Tepláreň

Katarína Koščová a Daniel Špiner SK


One singer and one pianist. Just two performers and co-creators are enough to make their music resonate with the depths of our emotions. At Katka and Daniel's concerts, we find ourselves laughing and crying, becoming part of intimate stories, true friendship, lyrical experiences, and shared humor. It's in these moments that they are most genuine, both to themselves and to their audience.

They released their first album together, Hranica dažďa, in 2019. In November 2023, they released a new album called Krehkosť, which was recorded entirely in a log cabin beneath the Tatra Mountains. It contains songs about intimacy, beauty, but also about pain, fragility and the transience of the moments we live. The musical delicacy is captured without exaggeration or filters. Minimalist arrangements are based on piano and vocals, with occasional subtle touches of double bass, guitar and accordion.

Katka has also had successful concerts with the Geišbergs and is a regular guest with Czech folk legend Neřež. She has sung with Dan Bárta, the jazz trio AMC, the swinging Prešov Dixieland and many other bands and performers.