Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Ivo Dimchev
Saturday 22:45 | Tepláreň

Ivo Dimchev BG


Ivo Dimchev took our breath away at this year's Eurosonic. His performance was one of the most interesting not only musically but also performatively. His interaction with the audience was nothing short of extraordinary. Originally from Bulgaria, Ivo is not just a singer and composer; he also wears the hats of a choreographer, visual artist, and performer.

His concerts are dark yet colourful, melancholic yet cheerful, romantic yet danceable, intimate yet provocative. Ivo's voice possesses that rare quality that goes straight to the core.
"I stumbled upon Ivo Dimchev even before I attended Eurosonic 2024, and gradually, I watched all the videos I could find. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Live at Eurosonic he was perfect. He plays a mixture of provocative cabaret and seemingly simple songs, but he interprets them bravely with a full baritone voice that transitions into playfully managed highs full of trills. And he doesn't just play with his own creations, he also plays games with the audience. These are serious games in their essence, but Ivo plays them in such a way that the audience often laughs out loud," adds Monika Matiašovská from the Pohoda team about the booking.

Don't miss out on Ivo Dimchev's performance – a blend of intimate piano-accompanied songs and danceable tunes awaits you.